Sn-ap Travel: Re-imagining intercity travel

Sn-ap Travel: Re-imagining intercity travel

Today Sn-ap Travel announced that it has raised £3.4m – to expand its service further across the UK and grow its team – in a round led by ADV and Oxford Capital.

Intercity travel is being re-imagined. Think of ride hailing a luxury coach across the country with door-to-door service and no time spent in a cold bus depot. Sn-ap Travel’s founders possess deep industry knowledge and have built a platform, which can transform long haul journeys for both consumers and coach operators on a global scale. We’re excited to get on board and support their growth with a patient venture approach.

This is a market that has been long dominated by slow moving incumbents. Sn-ap allows users to travel on demand – matching travellers who want to make similar journeys with the UK’s premium coach operators.

The team have built machine learning to predict the dates, times and routes that people wish to travel, and set the optimal price. As a result, Sn-ap only operates at times of highest demand. Customer ratings are used to select the very best coaches and drivers from top-quality independent coach operators, helping to maintain a high quality of service.

Sn-ap creates a win/win situation for both travellers and coach operators: travellers are able to make a convenient journey at a fair price; and coach operators are more likely to fill their vehicles.

We’re joining existing investors Kindred Capital as well as industry angels who cumulatively have funded Sn-ap’s expansion with £6m in just 20 months. Already live in Bristol, Cardiff and Nottingham, the team will expand to a further four UK cities in the next five months. By the summer, Sn-ap predicts over 100,000 people will be on-demand intercity coach travellers.

Founder Thomas Ableman (formerly of Chiltern Railways and National Express) said: “Intercity travellers have had to put up with poor service, high fares and the constraints of fixed routes and timetables for too long. We are bringing the power of technology to give them the quality and service they deserve.”

Tom Bradley of Oxford Capital said, “For years, Governments have talked about Integrated Transport as the future of mobility. And through it all, failed to give customers a truly great travel experience. By working with small, independent operators but with a high quality tech overlay, Sn-ap can give people the very best. You might call it ‘disintegrated transport’ – as it uses lots of small firms but in a consistent and integrated way that is better for customers and for our transport network as a whole.”

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