Connecting institutional investors

with generation-defining companies

Despite recent growth in VC investment, Europe still has a funding gap.

Founders with big ambition can’t raise the rounds required to become globally dominant. Large financial institutions hold the key but have difficulty accessing the pre-IPO (venture) ecosystem at scale.

ADV is a cross-stage investment platform for large institutions. We utilise data, software and human relationships to give large institutional investors a scalable access point into venture.

Our backers

We aggregate the early stage opportunity

Leading early stage investors are vital to the European venture ecosystem.

They routinely find and fund future scalebig companies early in their journey. Our collaborative capital products supercharge their ability to source and support winners.

We aggregate the opportunity across our fund partners. Asset allocation becomes significant and attractive enough for large institutions to play.

We back companies with long term ambition

Companies across Europe regularly have to exit early or slow their growth due to a lack of patient capital. Reaching scalebig status can take 10 or 20 years and multiple funding rounds.

Patient venture is the perfect partner for the grandest of visions. We back companies through their lifecycle and our investors gain early insight on companies of the future.

We solve problems through software-powered collaboration

Our companies constantly push boundaries by creating cutting edge technology. It makes sense that we do too. We connect innovators and investors across Europe’s ecosystem through software to build insight from across the continent.

Our software platform enhances the efficiency of the venture process through a combination of automation, human intelligence and rich data. Software powers our deal making and data modelling.