Backing early stage investors

to fund generation-defining founders

Collaborative capital

A company’s first investors are critical to its future. So we offer a number of investment products for leading early stage investors. These products create more capital liquidity in the ecosystem so our fund partners can supercharge even more startups.

Pro rata

Early stage investors can be restricted by lack of capital. Our pro rata capital product means our fund partners can keep backing their most promising portfolio companies. They maintain their holding and the partnership with the company. We share the potential opportunity.

Fast track

We operate a co-investment model with our fund partners. When they’re making a follow-on investment into portfolio company, the founder can fast track to our investment committee. Syndicates and rounds get built fast, allowing founders to focus on growing companies.

Primary LP

We make investments as an LP into selected early stage funds. The funds we invest in have a track record of finding exceptional founders and enabling their scaleup journey.


Our fund partners share our goals and values: they back founders with big ambition, they have expertise in building tech businesses, and they believe founding teams need sufficient equity.

Fund partners have access to our co-investment products and we regularly work together. We also invest alongside a broader set of funds and constantly seek to expand our co-investment network.


We’re co-creating Venture Market with some of Europe’s leading early stage investors. Venture Market is designed to make collaboration between companies and co-investors easier by digitising venture workflows. Ultimately it will enable founders and funds to find each other.