problems need patient venture

Patient Venture

A short term investment approach leads to early exits. Lack of late stage investment results in growth slowing down. We back our founders for the long term and help them reach large institutional investors when the time is right.

Seed round
  • Share your ambition through Venture Market
  • We lead or co-invest with angels and funds
Venture round
  • We review based on agreed milestones
  • We lead or follow-on alongside VCs
Growth round
  • We review based on agreed milestones
  • We co-invest with Institutions

Your journey is tracked through our platform to make future investment decisions quick and efficient

What are you building?

Building a generation-defining company requires a lot of time, energy and funding. We focus on three different types of tech company: platform, deep tech and sales driven

We aim to optimise the long-term funding journey based on these types. We seek capable, driven founders that can articulate their future. Learning from our experience, here’s the journey we expect these business types to take.


You’re building a solution where the value you bring to the user creates a network effect that drives adoption and growth. As you scale, the direct cost associated with customer acquisition is reduced because it happens virally. Your biggest challenge will be that typically winner takes all. Investment will be dedicated to scaling your team and tech resource to cope with growing usage of your product. Well executed platforms scale big. Due to low cost of goods sold and high operating margins you can generate significant leverage, resulting in high valuation multiples. We want to know why your proposition will be winning in 10-15 years time and how you’ll reach that point. Our team has built global platforms and we’ll back you to do the same.

Deep tech

You’re working on a fundamental technological leap that can impact industries and requires deep insight into a specific vertical of technology. Technological leaps can take five years to demonstrate potential. So patient investment is needed at the early stage. Funding is used to prove your technology before you begin making substantial revenue. You don’t need many clients to win globally [for example 2-3 global OEMs] and deep tech is often winner takes all. The market may change every decade or two, so you need to prove you will outlast the next change. It can take a long time to get product market fit and mass adoption, but we’ve been on this journey too and we’re in it for the long term.

Sales driven

You’re building a tech-enabled product that addresses a strong need for people and organisations. You need to build a sales and marketing-led organisation to prove the value of your proposition. Operating costs are typically larger than platforms. Growth in operating margin comes from scaling the customer base. You’ll need to figure out how to scale revenues profitably over the long term. Revenue is more important in the short term. We need to see the size of your target market at scale. A clear strategy of how you become dominant (or can sustain profitable revenue) is important for building confidence in the opportunity.

Our approach

Founders shouldn’t have to spend 6-9 months fundraising at each round. Instead, they should use their skills to scale their company. We operate an efficient, fast, collaborative and transparent investment process, so founders can take care of business. Familiarising yourself with our approach will help us navigate the investment process even more quickly. Get in touch with questions.

  • Share your ambition with ADV through Venture Market (see below)
  • Three of our investment team review your opportunity
  • We review based on your market, team and timing
  • We aim to provide feedback within a couple of working days
  • We meet your team and together answer some Deep Dive questions
  • If the Deep Dive shows we’re compatible we move on to Challenge
  • During the Challenge stage we also complete a Health Check
  • We aim to complete Challenge stage within four weeks (dependent on us completing the above steps together)
  • You present your ambition to our investment committee
  • We decide whether or not to invest within 24 hours
  • We offer you a Term Sheet outlining our partnership proposal
  • We agree on some Strategic Milestones for the future of your company
  • We complete the legal process together with any other investors
  • We back you for the long term and connect you to large institutional investors


All founders partnering with us for funding share their vision through Venture Market. Venture Market was built with leading investors such as Episode 1, Kindred, Connect and Frontline. It makes collaboration between companies and co-investors easier by digitising venture workflows. Once you’ve registered we review your opportunity and get back to you within two working days.