Chargifi: Powering the future of wireless charging

Chargifi secures £5M in funding led by ADV alongside world leading co-investors Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Firstminute Capital, to scale wireless charging infrastructure globally.

These days, having power in our mobile devices is existential. This is what Dan Bladen, Co-Founder at Chargifi, realised when travelling around the world a few years ago. It led to the building of Chargifi, which is on a mission to become the category defining brand in global wireless power. The team has already deployed their platform which powers consumer devices wirelessly in stadia, universities and hotels across three continents.

Chargifi have just achieved another big milestone with this funding round. But the vision is much bigger than keeping the smartphone in your pocket powered up.

“What WiFi did for connectivity, wireless charging is about to do for power.” Chargifi, September 2017.

We first met Dan in the summer of 2017 at an event we organised focused on the need for patient venture in UK tech due to the withdrawal of European Investment Bank funding.

Since our summer event we’ve got to know Dan and the team well. They embody the type of ambition that we love working with: who can scale big from the UK and define an industry. The size and ambition of Chargifi’s vision, coupled with the team that they are building – with the recent addition of former Google Ventures European GP Eze Vidra as non-executive director – is testament to the excitement building around the future of the company.

Chargifi started by building their platform to enable wireless powering of consumer devices. Their traction in this area has been driven by recent news from Apple, as it announced its latest devices will support wireless charging and all Qi standard chargers will be compatible.

Chargifi’s proposition enables systems integrators to manage, monitor and monetise wireless charging at scale. To date, the industry has been very focused on building proprietary hardware and software. By building a hardware agnostic software platform which includes self healing, Chargifi is fundamental to the wireless power stack. Existing customers have already recognised how their capabilities can speed up the rollout and management of billions of charging points.

However Chargifi’s play in the power space goes way beyond consumer electronics, based on the belief that the world is going electric and electric is going wireless. Their platform will be able to support electric vehicles and drones. The company is preparing for a future of higher powered charging required for autonomous machines, since they can’t plug themselves in! The long term vision is to create a power exchange to help consumers and businesses source from the cheapest provider (stay tuned).

Back to the fundraise, we’re very happy to be working with Intel Capital (existing investor), as well as new co-investors Hewlett Packard Enterprise and First Minute Capital. These investors exemplify our desire to ‘join the dots’: this group is a powerful mix of channel partners, potential follow-on investors, and patient venture institutions.

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