We support generation-defining entrepreneurs with patient venture.


We invest in generation defining digital tech

We back the most innovative, highest potential, and globally disruptive technology businesses.

We are the gateway to long term, committed institutional capital. Our investors include British Business Bank, Legal & General and Woodford Investment Management.

We are operators and entrepreneurs who have built, scaled and exited businesses, including AOL, ARM, EasyNet and PlusNet.

We enable your business to scale big

We invest across the lifecycle of a business. This is how we enable companies to scale big. We can follow our money and are prepared to invest at seed, venture and growth stage.

We’ve published our investment criteria

Platform companies.

You’re developing a B2B2C, or a B2C, application, tool or technology and you have decided to drive adoption and revenue growth by using marketing.

Great examples include Just Eat, Transferwise, Skyscanner.

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Deep tech companies.

You’re innovating with fundamental building blocks in the technology stack. You may be advancing the technological frontier in hardware or software. 

Great examples include ARM, CSR and Deep Mind.

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Direct sales companies.

You’re developing an application (such as B2B SaaS), or a device (such as wearables) and drive growth through selling or marketing directly to end user customers.

Great examples include Stripe, Zendesk, Xero.

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You don’t need a warm intro

Anyone can apply through our platform. Our investment process is designed to be meritocratic and fast.

  • Every application is reviewed by three members of our investment team.
  • Initial feedback takes one week.
  • Seed opportunities which meet our criteria will be presented to our investment committee within one month, post-seed opportunities within two months.
  • We aim to get to completion within four weeks of investment committee approval.

Huddle and Feedback.

Three members of our team Huddle around and feedback on every opportunity we receive.

Scrum Review.

With support from experts in our network, we form a small Scrum team to assess your company.

Recommendation to IC.

A detailed case for investment into your company is presented to our Investment Committee.